Wednesday, June 4

fashion bags to love ♥


it does not matter what your bag is as long as you know how to carry it glamorously!
a bag that let you move freely and a bag that contains all your kikay kits are what every girl needs :)
check out these fab bags, who has a very good quality in a very reasonable price :)

for more bags to choose please click this link :)

♥ mai

Monday, July 1

get laud :)

outfit of the day .

wore this very comfortable clothes during my masteral class then to family day. :)

top and leggings from : GET LAUD , shoes from SM Parisian, bag from Black Sheep .


Wednesday, June 5

wash day ♥

this outfit post is just a suggestion. hihi. i really can't wear this outfit outside the house.. i need more confidence. hihi :/. so.. i would like to recommend this to those who are confident enough to try your aztec prints and laces and boots..together.. and... voila! nakaka- astig / sexy/ babae :))) hihi :D 

ransacked Goldie's closet and decided to be maarte ♥

i hope someday i can have all of these aztec prints *wink*

♥ mai

Tuesday, June 4

chillin ♥

wore this very comfortable outfit during our girl bonding. the long maxi pants are so comfortable. you can do whatever you want but be careful you might stumble down. just like me. HAHA ;D YES!!! in visayan language " na-dam-ag ko ani sa may matina.. ulaw kaau.. pag step nako sa ramp na tamakan naku ang pants.. tura tumba ang tanga! " if you saw my instagram pics.. you will see my stupidness. HAHA :)) lesson learned.

anyway, with this can bend, sit, run easily. unlike wearing skinny jeans :))) 

feeling pocahontas :))

i can sweep the floor ..haha. instant shine :)

got that OA hand gesture again :)
top from :  Crissa  Belt: SM dep store.

made my belt into a bracelet. (very innovative. HAHA :D) maxi long pants and ring : FAB FINDS :)

wear something that fits you, and gives you comfort. :)

♥ mai

Sunday, May 5

Sarangani: your adventure :)

Last, May 1-2 my friends and i decided to go on a short? trip. sarangani it is. haha :)) it was so hot so don't you go there by riding a motorcyle, you will have your super tan skin. LOL :D . you can ride there by a bus or van or if you have wheels, better. we chose ROSAL RESORT (click link to see there rates) . this resort was also featured in davao city's local tv show. it has this small cottage in the middle of the "vanishing island". the best time to go there just by walking from the seashore is 11 am-3pm, and the best time to ride a paddle boat is 6am. just like what we did, the sea is nice and clear. enjoy the sun this summer people :)) don't waste it ! :)

the sunset :)

i just have to pose like this ;)

excuse my face, i just woke up. :)

the sunrise :)

i have to wear this because we have to travel 1 hour and 30 mins in a motorcycle. (explain briefly.haha :))

nice :)

triple denim. PAK!

check out these God's amazing creations :)

of course creation ako ni God, kaya amazing ;)

summer is not yet over. you have to spoil your self and reward it with a vacation you deserve :)

♥ mai